Yorkshire Bank

We are a leading bank in the UK and beyond the borders. Being in that level, we cannot afford to offer anything less than the best for our clients. People are sensitive to the issues regarding their money. At the same time we don’t want to inconvenience anyone. Our objective is to offer quality services where people will come back and appreciate us by trusting again and again with their money. We care about you so don’t hesitate to let us know when you are concerned about anything. We have a team of professionals trained for customer care services and they will guide you through till you have your problem sorted out.

Enquiries are welcome

General questions are welcome at all times. Our call team is available 24/7 to serve you ultimately. It doesn’t have to be calls all the time. We have set up other platforms that you can use as well to reach out to us. When you need to talk to us, we will be available on our website as well. Internet banking customers can log on to their accounts and send messages posing the questions they want addressed. These messages are secure, so, no worries about security.

Financial care team

We have different teams making up the support department. The financial care team is more into accounting and they will help you access the information you might need regarding your account. Where you need to check balances or transfer your money to another account, such tasks are what they handle. You don’t have to disclose your private details. The balance for example can be checked from the inside and no need for pin numbers to your account.

Online forms

It’s yet another way of expressing your concern. We have forms where you can key in your questions and submit. You can then wait for feedback usually after 48 hours. If you check the FAQ page and find no question that is close to what you are looking for, then proceed ahead to fill the online forms.

Social circles

The social media is unavoidable everywhere even in the financial sector. It’s one very convenient method where people are free to express their views regarding our services. We will respond to your concerns on Facebook and twitter for that matter. The answers you get might help others who face the same problem as you.

Your feedback helps

At Yorkshire bank, we appreciate any feedback that you might have. Complaints are good for service improvement. They help us not to relax but to keep the demands of the clients at number one. However, complements are also important. It feels good to know that we are doing something pleasing and lovable to the clients.

For all queries regarding our service, you can call Yorkshire bank customer support, send email, send a letter, fill our forms or go social to let us know of what is happening.