Virgin Media

We are a company serving the glob with connectivity services. If you have anything that you need to communicate to us, let us know of it via our contact page. We like it when our clients are happily using our services. When they do face problems here and there, we have created a way of letting them reach out to us and help us to help them. Our contact page contains all the details that you might need regarding the number to call when in various locations, the email address, the social media circle and much more. All these can be used to reach out to our professional support team that are willing to listen and have the issue looked into professionally. In whichever channel you will pick, make sure you include your question or idea that will be worked on by our experts. That’s because our support team is made up of many professionals and getting the issue handled by the most competent guys is our policy. Check out our service categories hereof.

My account/ billing

It has to do with the money and the bills. Our services are paid for. Once you agree to receive our services, you will become a member and get an account number for your services. You can then use your number on our website to access our content. Anything including the direct debits, the payments and the methods to use, queries regarding bills and anything you don’t understand, make a point of asking our support team. You will be redirected to the billing department for clarifications or explanations.

Phone services

We are proud to offer landline phone services. These however experience interruptions due to the use of cables and you might need to enquire about the status of the connections if your phone isn’t getting through.

TV Anywhere

TV services may also experience problems either from your side or the signal itself. On the first instance you notice a problem with the signal, let us know and we will work on that in the fastest way possible.


If you have any trouble using your mobile phone, please make point of letting the virgin medial support team know of it and you will be helped then.

Subscribing and upgrading to the service

If you are new to the system and wants to be a member, you will also get guidelines on how to pick your best service. If you are already a client and want to have some upgrades, the relevant services will also be availed to you if you ask for it.

Moving home

Relocations will affect the virgin media networks that uses cables. You will need to contact us for the necessary changes to be made and help you remain connected even when you get to the new home.

Each category has its different experts. You can contact Virgin Media and phrase your question in the outlined order to have it looked at by the most relevant experts.