Where things are not clear or when you want to know about certain details pertaining to your order, you need to utilize our customer care service that is available to all. At Topshop, we believe that clients deserve to be serviced with transparency and that there should be nothing to hide. In case you are interested in knowing certain details or you want to make a complaint, then you are very much welcome on our contact us page. Our website is resourceful and will provide most of the obvious answers that people commonly ask. If your query is not traceable there, then you need to go for the applicable step which is to call or email us.

About complaints and disputes

Topshop is a retailer company operating online. Clients make orders from all over the world and they are shipped to their destination countries as appropriate. In the process, though we try our best, there can be inconveniences that clients don’t feel are right. In such cases, contacting us is the best way to settle these disputes. In case you are not satisfied with the item delivered to you or when your item is not suited for the purpose intended or your specifications were not adhered to, you can always come to us for clarifications. If we are at fault, then the necessary arrangements will be made to replace that.

Contacting couriers

It’s an issue that people want to know once they make an order. The couriers are the delivery vehicles and the agents riding them. Working closely with such agents may help to have a convenient delivery when you are at home and not away from home. If you need the details of the delivery agents, just call us and give us your order number. The rest of the details will be unleashed to you.

Store location enquiries

Topshop runs many stores and all these can be used for purchases of items. If you don’t want to buy online, then the option left is to visit the stores in person. But then, you need to know where you are going to and not any other shop around. To know about our store locations and their opening hours, our contact page is the companion to use. Our support team will explain it all to you.

Products and refunds

If you have any question about a certain product, you can call Topshop customer care service. If you can’t see your dream item on the website, don’t give up easily. Maybe it’s about to be placed the next minute. Take a step and enquire about the availability of that item. Where you buy products and what is delivered to you is not what you demanded or is defective, then refunds can be possible. Make sure you keep in touch with our help team to follow up on that.