Three Mobile

On our side, we try our best to ensure that things are running smoothly for our clients and their consumption of our services. As much as that is our will, there are still some special cases whether minor or major where clients are not sure of what to do to get their service flowing as expected. To ensure fairness to all, we have established a customer care department at the three mobile. This is a team of professionals who have ears to listen to the complaints and queries being made and respond to them in the most relevant way possible. You don’t have to keep any question with you. If you can’t find a solution on our FAQ page, you are always welcome to call for free, email, tweet, write to us or uses any other channel to let us know of your enquiry and we will be waiting to answer it. Among the common issues that clients want checked into include the following.

3 mobile upgrading services

Our clients will have questions concerning updating of their mobiles. We have recorded so many enquiries pertaining the same. The results will indicate whether your phone qualifies for an upgrade or not. Issues to do with contracts are also often asked. Where the link doesn’t seem to help, you can also call 333 for free for enquiries or 44 333 300 0500 using any other phone and pay at standard rates.

Contract cancellation services

Sometimes, clients want to cancel the contracts we have with them and shift to other networks. It’s a simple process but we can also provide guidance on how to go about it right here on our contact page. If you intend to end the contract for mobile services, just make a call and we will have the burden taken away from you after the right screening has been done. Change of broadband services are also possible. Just use the numbers given on our page or use the chat link.

Customer complaint services

Depending on how the services are offered to different clients, there might arise complaints. These complaints are very much welcome on our customer care desk online or offline as they help us improve our services and efficiency. You can either decide to call us on the specified numbers and have your complaint expressed out or fill a complaint form on our website. Both works.

Unlocking services

Shifting from other networks into 3 sim requires unlocking of the phone. First, make sure you have an unlocking code from whichever network you were previously using. Once you have that, then call our customer care services for unlocking details.

Billing services

When it’s time to pay your bills, don’t hesitate to enquire about the payment methods just to make sure that your money doesn’t get lost. You will be guided on how to make payments the right way and prevent repayments.

Anything else is also welcome. Just contact Three Customer Service for feedback.