As the T-Mobile company for communication, we are you can be sure that we have done the largest portion of work to ensure that people receive the best services ever. And that is not the end, we still want to boost our services even more by making sure that clients are having their issues looked into promptly and conveniently. We are the experts and you pay us for connection services. That means that any inconvenience caused should be on us. We don’t refuse the responsibility, but we will require you to let us know of your issues and we will see how we can help you out. Our contact page has more details on how to contact us. Just to expound on that, we have set up different ways to serve and support our clients. These ways are outlined hereof.

Manage your account on the web

We have made it simple to have clients managing their accounts on our website. Here, you can do all you want with your plan and contract. Managing means making use of the account to pay your bills, change your specs or your plan at any time anywhere. To create an account, it’s easy. Just follow the sign in procedure and provide all the required details. Once you have the account with you, you become a member of the T-Mo community and can access our online content. When not using the account, you can log out for privacy purposes. Some of the issues will be handled at your account without necessarily having to call our support team.

Live chats

Chatting method of communication is seen as the most effective one. It is fast and understandable. You only need an expert on the other end of the line and be sure that’s what we have. Type in your questions and the experts will be ready to answer them as they come. Again, if you are in a situation where you can’t talk and still need support services urgently, this is the method to contact us with. It works.

Call our customer care for free

611 is the number you call whatever you want to talk in person with our support team. If you think that your problem is complicated, then you need to call T-Mobile Customer Service. You dial via your phone for free or download our app and press on the call us button. The call service is available from 3 am to 10 pm 7 days a week.

In person support

If you need to see an expert in person, use our store locator and find out where the experts near you are located. You can then visit them and make all enquiries you have.

Other methods of contacting us includes writing us a letter or writing us an email on the outlined addresses on our site.