One joins a financial institution depending on the kinds of services it is able to offer against their competitors. The Santander group did its research in the market well and as such decided to offer the services as competitors. The following are the services offered by the Santander group.

Offers Mortgage Loans

The Santander group offers all kinds of loans to its clients. The clients are assured of getting loans from this group in the banking industry. Being an institution that is worth above 1.5 euros its stability is not questionable. It has the ability to offer any kind of loan to its members when they need it. One is able to get a mortgage loan from the Santander group as long as they are qualified. They can get mortgages and can pay for as long as they agree with the bank. This can be from five years, ten or even fifteen years and many more. The businessmen whose desire is to increase their stock can also get loans here. Members can also apply for loans as new business entrants. With the kinds of loans that Santander group offers, its stability is guaranteed.

Keep Money for Clients

There are those individuals who prefer to keep their money at the Santander group. Amongst the other competitors one can simply make a decision to settle on the Santander group as their choice of safe money keeping. This is facilitated by its overall worth and the amount of revenues it is able to collect annually as compared to the other financial institutions. The more the revenue and the worth of a financial institution the higher the confidence that the public develops on it.

Operational Business Accounts

Another service that the Santander group offers is to open business accounts for its members. There are those members who out of ignorance operate personal accounts on behalf of their clients. This is a mistake and the Santander group can facilitate the whole process until one is able to have a fully functional business account. They are also taught on how to manage the account and the benefits that come with operating a business account.

Consultations on Financial Management

The Santander group allows its members to have financial consultations on how to manage their finances and also business. One is taught how to save for future projects and how to control their spending habits in relation to their income. They are also taught on how to go about creating extra sources of income in order to sustain the kind of life that one desires. There are professional financial advisors and consultants who are always ready to assist the Santander client in order help them make the correct financial decisions. You can call Santander customer service if you need assistance.