Being like a financial institution there are many reasons that its users can have in order to contact it. Communication is a major part of any form of life. It is equally very necessary to any financial organization. Therefore clients can also have several reasons why they may be in need of contacting Paypal. The following are the instances in which one may find that they need to contact Paypal.

Complaints During A Transaction

All clients must be satisfied with any form of transaction that they engage in. this is more so a necessity in an online transaction where one is able to make purchases across the globe. As a money transfer agency Paypal has enabled this possibility to the buyer. Once the money has been deposited on the buyer’s account Paypal will only release it when the buyer has received the goods and is fully satisfied. Otherwise they are able to hold the funds until the seller has rectified any anomaly. However the seller is not responsible for any damages caused as a result of shipping mishandling. When the seller has not been able to satisfy the buyer by the goods that they have sent then the buyer simply contacts Paypal with the complaint and as such a refund is initiated or the seller agrees with the buyer on the way forward. Sometimes the seller may have released a faulty item, the wrong dimensions of the goods like sizes, they may have also dispatched the wrong item that was not agreed upon with the buyer or they may dispatched an item that is not worth the money that they tend to be claiming for. When Paypal receives this they try to negotiate between the two parties until a solution is arrived at. They can as well cancel the whole transaction.

Contacting Paypal for Verification Purposes

Another reason why one may be obliged to contact Paypal is when they need their verifications to be updated. There are times when Paypal chooses specific accounts and holds them until their verifications is updated. This mostly happens when there are large amounts of money involved and they do not understand the nature of business being transacted. It is also a way of minimizing illegal transactions like drug dealings where a lot of funds are exchanged. Once one is able to verify their identity and nature of business they are well in a position to continue operating their account. When they contact Paypal they are able to give all their details including their phone numbers and the places in which their business is likely to operate from. There are also times when one is required to submit their passport photographs as required by Paypal.