As an electronics phone company the O2 has ensured that it has developed a good customer care service to all its clients. This includes service that touches on either the phones or the network in relation to the electronic mobile phones. So what are the services offered to the customers of the O2 Company? The following are the services offered by the O2 customer service department to both old and new clients.

Selling Phones in the Telecommunication market

One of the main functions of the O2 customer service is to make sales in their shops. It has opened many branches worldwide. One of its main identifications is the sales of both mobile phones and landline phones. They have these adequately supplied in most of their shops. They also sell phone accessories like their chargers and ear phones. They are therefore considered a self-contained mobile shop. Some of their branch shops also sell the recharge vouchers to their clients. At the sales shops the shops are neatly displayed in order to attract as many clients as possible. They are displayed according to their worth and make. The most costly range are grouped together while the slightly cheaper ones are also grouped together. This makes the choice of the client easier. They may choose a phone according to the range of pricing.

After Sales Services to the Buyers

One of the other services offered by the 02 customer service is the after sales services offered by the customer care department. The clients are assured of the phones bought at O2 since they are given a warranty. Most of them have an average warranty of one year. When a phone is under warranty it means that if it develops a technical malfunction during the warranty period then it can be repaired or replaced. There are some cases in which the phone is totally replaced with a new one as the technical team looks into the technical problem. However it should not have been tampered with by the user. The after sales also includes the process of following up on the clients in order to ensure that they are able to use their gadgets well. They need to be familiar with the gadgets operations. It is the duty of the 02 Customer care to ensure that this is possible.

Offer Recharge Cards

They are the ones responsible for the soul purpose of selling recharge cards to their clients. They are authorized by the telecommunications authority to supply recharge cards. They offer both the local recharges and also enable international calls. They also offer international calling cards. At the 02 company the customer service has ensured that all is possible. Communication is made easier for anyone who wants to go the route of the 02 Company. If you need more information contact O2 customer service.